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In North America, a wrangler is someone employed to handle animals professionally, especially horses, but other types of animals as well. Wranglers also handle the horses and other animals during the making of motion pictures. A dude-wrangler is a cowboy or guide that takes non-wranglers and non-cowboys (dudes) on western-riding horseback trips.

In North America, a wrangler is also one who professionally searches for and/or handles particular products on film and television programs, and music videos, such as custom cars or animals. The word "wrangler" is derived from the Low German "wrangeln" meaning "to dispute" or "to wrestle." It was first documented in 1377. Its use as a noun was first recorded in 1547. Its reference to a "person in charge of horses or cattle" or "herder" was first recorded in 1888. Beginning in 1929, it was used as a proprietary name for a brand of jeans.

In Britain a wrangler has historically been a person who excels at debate. At Cambridge University, the title Wrangler is given to a student obtaining first class in the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos examination. The Senior Wrangler is the student who gets the highest marks, the Second Wrangler is the person who comes second, and so on. The public announcement of the candidates' rankings was abandoned in 1909. Senior Wrangler Sauce is an alternate name for brandy butter.

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