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Wild Animal Games is a children's television game show that aired on the Family Channel from October 2, 1995 to September 22, 1996. It was hosted by Ryan Seacrest with a chimpanzee named Eddie serving as co-host. Randy West served as the announcer on most episodes. It aired Monday through Friday at 4:00, kicking off the daily Fam AFTV game show block; it also aired on Saturday mornings at 9:30 for a time. Each episode focused on a different animal.


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First Game

A different game was played each day based on the behavior of the day's animal. Two teams usually competed against each other. Games included playing polo on donkeys or collecting eggs like penguins.

Chimp Challenge

In this game, two kids competed against each other in a memory game. A brief video documentary about the day's animal was shown to the contestants, and then three questions were posed about the video. The first question was worth 50 points, the second was worth 100, and the third question was worth 150 points. After this, a second video was shown with and three more questions were asked with doubled point values.

Each child also had a parent or teacher with them. The parent/teacher of the losing team was subjected to some sort of messy penalty, including getting slime dumped on them or being put in the "pie guillotine."

Waterfall Prize Pool

The final game of the day featured a small pool set up in the back lot. None of these games had anything to do with the day's featured animal. For the first few weeks, five kids competed against each other in games such as shooting basketballs while going down a water slide or throwing balls through a tire while sliding down the slide.

Shortly after the show's premiere, the format changed to feature two teams of three kids each competing in a relay race. The relay changed each day.

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