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The Talking Animals is an album by T Bone Burnett, released in 1987.

Guests include Ruben Blades, Peter Case, Bono and Tonio K


Talking Animals From BBC's "The Wild Side" Are Hilarious

Music critic Brett Hartenbach of Allmusic wrote "Even with a few less than stellar songs, The Talking Animals is a strong, inspired record."

Track listing

November 2010 | Talking Animals

All songs by T Bone Burnett unless otherwise noted.

Side one

  1. "The Wild Truth" â€" 3:38
  2. "Monkey Dance" â€" 4:43
  3. "Image" â€" 4:02
  4. "Dance, Dance, Dance" â€" 2:45
  5. "The Killer Moon" (Burnett, M. Burnett, Peter Case) â€" 5:00

Side two

  1. "Relentless" â€" 3:24
  2. "Euromad" â€" 4:21
  3. "Purple Heart" (Bono, Burnett) â€" 4:36
  4. "You Could Look It Up" â€" 2:41
  5. "The Strange Case of Frank Cash and the Morning Paper" (Burnett, Tonio K) â€" 5:25


Talking Animals Archives - Deep Roots Magazine

Production notes

Talking Animals Archives - Deep Roots Magazine
  • Produced by David Rhodes and T Bone Burnett
  • Recorded by Tchad Blake at Sunset Sound and Sunset Sound Factory with Mike Kloster
  • Mastered by Bob Ludwig


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