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The Party Animal is a movie written and directed by David Beaird. Since its inauspicious debut in 1984, it has become a minor cult classic.


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  • Matthew Causey - Pondo Sinatra
  • Timothy Carhart - Studly
  • Jerry Jones - Elbow
  • Robin Harlan - Natasha
  • Frank Galati - The Professor
  • Luci Roucis - Sophia
  • Joan Dykman - The Nurse
  • Barbara Baylis - Madame
  • Frannie James - Dean Fox
  • Leland Crooke - Dean's Secretary
  • Billi Gordon - The New Dean
  • Suzanne Ashley - Miranda/Mother Nature


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The Party Animal is a documentary-style comedy about a sex-starved man, Pondo Sinatra, a 26-year-old college student whom everyone agrees is doomed to die a virgin. Desperate to break what seems to be a cosmic curse, he tries ever more bizarre schemes to seduce one the sexy, scantily-clad women who seem to be everywhere, taunting him and enjoying his misery. Despite his best efforts, however, he is rejected everywhere, even at the local cathouse. When Pondo threatens to kill himself, Studley, his ladykilling best friend, tries to help him in his quest to "get him a little", as does Studley's mentor, a wise old janitor named Elbow. The attempts include: a Cyrano de Bergerac-type seduction whereby Studley tells Pondo what to say to a girl via a remote microphone; sending Pondo to buy elegant new clothes (he goes to the Punk store by mistake and leaves looking like Quasimodo); taking massive quantities of drugs because "girls love drugs"; and using the world's biggest vibrater, the Moby-M5 (the M-5 episode provides a pretext for a scene where two porn store employees discuss strategic arms limitation treaties, using various dildos as props).

After one of these dating debacles, Pondo frightens Studley by shouting: I'D SELL MY SOUL FOR A PIECE OF ASS! A nearby goddess (Suzanne Ashley) â€" a mysterious woman who has been observing Pondo's struggles for some time â€" hears his cry and cryptically acknowledges it. Some time afterward, Pondo accidentally creates a chemical compound that makes him irresistible to women. At first he revels in his new "party animal" prowess; later, exhausted and terrified, he takes to barricading himself in his room to escape the mobs of horny women who pursue him everywhere. "I have been greedy," he confesses despairingly to Studley; "I am like King Midas; everything I touch turns to poontang!" He later creeps out, full of fear, to wash his clothes, and is killed by a group of fat middle-aged women who jump him at the laundromat.


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The film contains numerous songs by The Fleshtones, Buzzcocks and The Untouchables.

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