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Rock Animals is a 1994 album by the Japanese all-female rock trio Shonen Knife. It features Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore on the song "Butterfly Boy". A vinyl copy of the album was found on Kurt Cobain's turntable when his body was found in April 1994, and it is generally believed that it is the last album he listened to before he died.

Track listing

Ocean Animals Illustrations Rock Pool

All songs written by Naoko Yamano, except where noted.

  1. "Quavers" 3:25
  2. "Concrete Animals" 4:29
  3. "Butterfly Boy" (Michie Nakatani) 4:59
  4. "Little Tree" 3:55
  5. "Catnip Dream" (Nakatani) 4:39
  6. "Tomato Head" 5:21
  7. "Another Day" (Nakatani) 4:36
  8. "Brown Mushrooms" 4:36
  9. "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny" (Nakatani) 2:48
  10. "Cobra Versus Mongoose" 4:15
  11. "Music Square" 4:56


Art by Stef

Shonen Knife

  • Naoko Yamano: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica
  • Michie Nakatani: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Atsuko Yamano: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Additional Personnel

  • Thurston Moore: Additional Guitars
  • Millie-Willy: Additional Vocals ("Kitty-Cat" vocals on "Catnip Dream")
  • Motoi Semba: Keyboards and Computer Programming


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  • Executive Producer: Paige Porazzo
  • Produced by Shonen Knife and Paige Porazzo
  • Recording Engineers: Akio Tanabe, Ohji Hayashi and Jim Waters
  • Mixed by Don Fleming, except tracks 7 and 11 (mixed by Akio Tanabe)


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