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A maritime forest is an ocean coastal wooded habitat found on higher ground than dune areas within range of salt spray. They can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Northwest coasts of the United States. Also, there are parts of it in areas of South-East Asia, for example Chek Jawa, a wetland reserve which also features a maritime forest as one of the independent ecosystem.


Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia USA; By Chester W ...

High winds, salt spray, and sandy soil provide a harsh environment for plant life. Maritime forests are composed of deciduous, coniferous, and broadleaf evergreens. Some of the trees that occupy maritime forests include the southern sugar maple, swamp dogwood, mockernut hickory, white ash, and the white poplar. Some animals that live in these forests are: foxes, deer, rabbits, tree frogs, raccoons, toads, painted buntings, and many others.

Many plants in the Maritime Forests have a natural waxy coating to protect them from the salt spray. Most of the plants found in Maritime Forests are evergreens and shrubs.


Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia USA; By Chester W ...

Plants that are found on Maritime forests are; Devil's Walking Stick, Saw Palmetto, Sparkle Berry, Spanish Moss, Sweet Gum, Sweet Pittosporum, and many others.


Some places where Maritime Forests can be found are: Bald Head Island (North Carolina), Jekyll Island (Georgia), and on almost all barrier Islands.


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