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Ark is an album by the original members of The Animals. Released in 1983 on Castle Records, it was the second and last reunion attempt of the band's initial lineup. The album subsequently was followed by a tour by the band.

Track listing

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  1. "Loose Change" (Steve Grant)-(3:01)
  2. "Love Is for All Time" (Danny Everitt, Terry Wilson)-(4:23)
  3. "My Favourite Enemy" (Grant)-(3:46)
  4. "Prisoner of the Light" (Burdon, Raskin, Sterling)-(4:09)
  5. "Being There" (Geniwells)-(3:29)
  6. "Hard Times" (Burdon, Sterling)-(2:55)
  7. "The Night" (Burdon, Evans, Sterling)-(3:55)
  8. "Trying to Get You" (Rose Marie McCoy, Charlie Singleton)-(4:16)
  9. "Just Can't Get Enough" (Burdon, Sterling)-(3:54)
  10. "Melt Down" (Danny Everitt, Terry Wilson)-(3:08)
  11. "Gotta Get Back to You" (Danny Everitt,)-(2:42)
  12. "Crystal Nights" (Anthony, Burdon, Lewis, Sterling, Evans)-(4:12)

CD bonus track :

  1. "No John No" (Alan Price, Jarrow)-(4:18)


The ark of Hong Kong

The Animals

  • Eric Burdon â€" vocals
  • Hilton Valentine â€" guitar
  • Alan Price â€" keyboards, background vocals
  • Chas Chandler â€" bass, background vocals
  • John Steel â€" drums

Additional personnel

  • Zoot Money - keyboards
  • Steve Grant â€" guitar, synthesizer, background vocals
  • Steve Gregory â€" tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
  • Nippy Noya â€" percussion


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