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Tachymenis is a genus of venomous snakes belonging to the family Colubridae. They are commonly known as slender snakes or short-tailed snakes and are primarily found in southern South America. Tachymenis are capable of producing a medically significant bite, with at least one species, T. peruviana, responsible for human fatalities.



The following species are recognized by ITIS:

  • Tachymenis affinis Boulenger, 1896
  • Tachymenis attenuata Walker, 1945
  • Tachymenis chilensis (Schlegel, 1837)
  • Tachymenis elongata Despax, 1910
  • Tachymenis peruviana Wiegmann, 1835
  • Tachymenis tarmensis Walker, 1945

Other sources may recognize as much as 17 distinct species:

  • Tachymenis affinis (Boulenger's slender snake)
  • Tachymenis attenuata (Walker's slender snake)
  • Tachymenis bitorquata
  • Tachymenis boulengerii
  • Tachymenis brasiliensis
  • Tachymenis chilensis (Chilean slender snake)
  • Tachymenis decipiens
  • Tachymenis dromiciformis
  • Tachymenis elongata (Depax's slender snake)
  • Tachymenis hypoconia
  • Tachymenis infralineatus
  • Tachymenis melanocephala
  • Tachymenis nototaenia
  • Tachymenis peruviana (Peru slender snake, Cola Corta Del Perú)
  • Tachymenis surinamensis
  • Tachymenis taeniata
  • Tachymenis tarmensis (Slender snake)


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