Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

The forest shrews are the members of the genus Sylvisorex. They are mammals in the family Soricidae and are found only in Africa. The genus name comes from the Latin world "silva" which means "forest" and "sorex", which means "shrew-mouse". This reflects the nature of these shrews, which prefer forest habitats. All shrews are carnivorous, and eat continually to satisfy their high metabolic rate.

The genus contains these species:

  • Sylvisorex akaibei
  • Cameroonian forest shrew (S. cameruniensis)
  • Grant's forest shrew (S. granti)
  • Howell's forest shrew (S. howelli)
  • Bioko forest shrew (S. isabellae)
  • Johnston's forest shrew (S. johnstoni)
  • Kongana shrew (S. konganensis)
  • Moon forest shrew (S. lunaris)
  • Mount Cameroon forest shrew (S. morio)
  • Greater forest shrew (S. ollula)
  • Lesser forest shrew (S. oriundus)
  • Rain forest shrew (S. pluvialis)
  • Volcano shrew (S. vulcanorum)


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