Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

Pseudohydromys is a genus of rodent in the family Muridae. It contains the following species:

  • Bishop moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys berniceae)
  • Huon small-toothed moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys carlae)
  • Laurie’s moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys eleanorae)
  • One-toothed Shrew-mouse (Pseudohydromys ellermani)
  • Mottled-tailed Shrew Mouse (Pseudohydromys fuscus)
  • German's One-toothed Moss Mouse (Pseudohydromys germani)
  • Eastern Shrew Mouse (Pseudohydromys murinus)
  • Musser's Shrew Mouse (Pseudohydromys musseri)
  • Western Shrew Mouse (Pseudohydromys occidentalis)
  • Woolley’s Moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys patriciae)
  • Southern small-toothed moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys pumehanae)
  • White-bellied Moss-mouse (Pseudohydromys sandrae)

It wasn't until a 2009 revision that a general idea of the true taxonomic content of this genus was realized.


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