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Pseudohaje is a genus of venomous African elapid snakes, commonly called tree cobras or forest cobras because of their arboreal lifestyle.



Tree cobras have proportionally larger eyes compared to Naja species, smaller fangs, and smaller bone structures. Members were formerly categorized as Naja, but anatomical analysis of midbody scale rows distinguished them as a separate taxon.


Two species are recognized as valid.

  • Pseudohaje goldii (Boulenger, 1895) â€" Goldie's tree cobra
  • Pseudohaje nigra Günther, 1858 â€" black tree cobra

See also

  • Pseudonaja



Further reading

  • Günther A. 1858. Catalogue of the Colubrine Snakes in the Collection of the British Museum. London: Trustees of the British Museum. (Taylor and Francis, printers). xvi + 281 pp. (Pseudohaje, new genus, p. 222).

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