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The genus Pseudechis contains the group of elapids commonly referred to as the black snakes. These snakes are found in every Australian state with the exception of Tasmania and some species are found in Papua New Guinea. They inhabit a variety of habitat types, from arid areas to swampland. All species are dangerous (Pseudechis signifying "like a viper", Greek echis) and can inflict a potentially lethal bite. Most snakes in this genus reach about 2 metres and vary in colour. Some species are brown, where others are black. The most recognisable and widespread species in the genus are the red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) and the Mulga snake (king brown) (Pseudechis australis). These snakes feed on lizards, frogs, birds, small mammals and even other snakes. All species lay eggs, except the red-bellied black snake and Collett's snake. The genus Pailsus is a synonym of Pseudechis, and more work is needed to understand species limits among the smaller species of the group.



There is current debate on the taxonomy of these snakes and more species are likely to be described in the near future. Several recent phylogenetic studies have provided evidence of the presence of species beyond the six recognised in most books

Mulga Snake or King Brown Snake, Pseudechis australis (Gray, 1842)
Spotted Mulga Snake, Pseudechis butleri (Smith, 1982)
Collett's Snake, Pseudechis collettii (Boulenger, 1902)
Blue-bellied Black Snake, Pseudechis guttatus (De Vis, 1905)
Pseudechis pailsi (Hoser, 1998)
Papuan Black Snake, Pseudechis papuanus (Peters & Doria, 1878)
Red-bellied Black Snake, Pseudechis porphyriacus (Shaw, 1794)
Papuan Dwarf King Brown, Pseudechis rossignolii (Hoser, 2000)
Pygmy Mulga Snake, Pseudechis weigeli (Wells & Wellington, 1987)


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