This is a list of all genera, species and subspecies of the family Pythonidae, otherwise referred to as pythonids or pythons. It follows the taxonomy of McDiarmid et al. (1999), which is available online through ITIS., updated with additional recently described species.

  • Antaresia
    • Antaresia childreni, Children's python
    • Antaresia maculosa, Spotted python
    • Antaresia perthensis, Pygmy python
    • Antaresia stimsoni, Stimson's python
  • Apodora, Papuan python
    • Apodora papuana, Papuan python
  • Aspidites
    • Aspidites melanocephalus, Black-headed python
    • Aspidites ramsayi, Woma
  • Bothrochilus, Bismark ringed python
    • Bothrochilus boa, Bismark ringed python
  • Leiopython, D'Albert's water python
    • Leiopython albertisii, D'Albert's water python
    • Leiopython bennettorum, Bennett's white-lipped python
    • Leiopython biakensis, Biak white-lipped python
    • Leiopython fredparkeri, Parker's white-lipped python
    • Leiopython hoserae, southern white-lipped python
    • Leiopython huonensis, Huon white-lipped python
  • Liasis
    • Liasis fuscus, Brown water python
    • Liasis mackloti, Macklot's python
      • Liasis mackloti mackloti, Macklot's python
      • Liasis mackloti savuensis, Savu python
    • Liasis olivaceus, Olive python
      • Liasis olivaceus barroni, Pilbara olive python
      • Liasis olivaceus olivaceus, Olive python
  • Morelia
    • Morelia amethistina, Amethystine python
    • Morelia clastolepis, Moluccan Python
    • Morelia boeleni, Boelen's python
    • Morelia bredli, Bredl's python
    • Morelia carinata, Rough-scaled python
    • Morelia kinghorni, Kinghorn's python
    • Morelia nauta, Tanimbar python
    • Morelia oenpelliensis, Oenpelli python
    • Morelia spilota, Carpet pythons
      • Morelia spilota cheynei, Jungle carpet python
      • Morelia spilota imbricata, Southwestern carpet python
      • Morelia spilota mcdowelli, Coastal carpet python
      • Morelia spilota metcalfei, Inland carpet python
      • Morelia spilota spilota, Diamond python
      • Morelia spilota variegata, Northwestern carpet python
    • Morelia tracyae, Halmahera pytho
    • Morelia viridis, Green tree python
  • Python, Pythons
    • Python anchietae, Angolan python
    • Python bivittatus, Burmese python
      • Python bivittatus progschai, Dwarf Burmese python
    • Python breitensteini, Borneo short-tailed python
    • Python brongersmai, Red blood python
    • Python curtus, Sumatran short-tailed python
    • Python molurus, Indian python
      • Python molurus molurus, Indian python
    • Python regius, Royal python
    • Python reticulatus, Reticulated python
    • Python sebae, African rock python
      • Python sebae natalensis, Natal rock python
      • Python sebae sebae, African rock python
    • Python timoriensis, Timor python

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