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There are currently 1260 genera, 156 families, 29 orders, and exactly 5877 species of described mammal, all in a single class. Using Groves and Grubbs' Taxonomy of Ungulates for the family Bovidae within Artiodactyla. The genus Bison is included within Bos in this classification. Many other recent advancements in mammal taxonomy have resulted in the description of new genera (Waiomys) and some genera have been combined (Uncia combined with Panthera), and other have been split (Niumbaha split from Glauconycteris).


Tenrecs (Tenrecidae, included in the Suborder Tenrecomorpha) and Golden Moles (Chrysochloridae, included in Suborder Chrysochloridea) are part of the African radiation of mammals known as Afrotheria, and there distribution consists of Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. There are 54 species in 19 genera, 34 species are Tenrecs and Otter Shrews, and the other 20 species are Golden Moles. Tenrecs have a large diversity of species in Madagascar, with 31 species found there, while the 3 other species are found in the Central and West African Rain Forests. The 20 species of Golden Mole are found mostly in the East and South African Savannas and Desserts.

  • Tenrecidae Tenrecs and Otter Shrews
    • Geogalinae
      • Geogale Long-eared Tenrec
    • Tenrecinae
      • Setifer Greater Hedgehog Tenrec
      • Echinops Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec
      • Hemicentetes Streaked Tenrecs
      • Tenrec Common Tenrec
    • Oryzorictinae
      • Microgale Shrew Tenrecs
      • Oryzorictes Rice Tenrecs
      • Limnogale Web-footed Tenrec
    • Potamogalinae
      • Micropotamogale Otter Shrews
      • Potamogale Giant Otter Shrew
  • Chrysochloridae Golden Moles
    • Chrysochlorinae
      • Chrysospalax Giant Golden Moles
      • Chrysochloris Typical Golden Moles
      • Cryptochloris Golden Moles
      • Chlorotalpa Golden Moles
      • Eremitalpa Grant's Golden Mole
      • Carpitalpa Arends's Golden Moles
    • Amblysominae
      • Neamblysomus Golden Moles
      • Amblysomus Southern Golden Moles
      • Calcochloris Northern Golden Moles


Artiodactyla is a large order of hoofed mammals, the Even-toed Ungulates. They are found nearly cosmopolitan, although no species are native to Australia or Antarctica. Broken into four suborder, Tylopoda (including Camelidae), Suina (including Suidae and Tayassuidae), Whippomorpha (including Hippopotamidae), and Ruminantia, which contains two Infraorders, Tragulina (including Tragulidae) and Pecora (including Moschidae, Cervidae, Bovidae, Antilocapridae, and Giraffidae). The taxonomy used for this order is based primarily on the Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 2, including the subfamily and tribal affiliations in each family.*Family Camelidae Camels and Relatives

    • Tribe Lamini
      • Genus Lama Guanaco
      • Genus Vicugna Vicuña
    • Tribe Camelini
      • Genus Camelus Camels
  • Family Suidae Pigs
    • Genus Babyrousa Babirusa
    • Genus Phacochoerus Warthogs
    • Genus Hylochoerus Giant Forest Hog
    • Genus Potamochoerus Bushpigs
    • Genus Sus Typical Pigs
    • Genus Porcula Pygmy Hog
  • Family Tayassuidae Peccaries
    • Genus Catagonus Chacoan Peccary
    • Genus Tayassu White-lipped Peccary
    • Genus Pecari Collared Peccary
  • Family Hippopotamidae
    • Genus Hippopotamus Common Hippopotamus
    • Genus Choeropsis Pygmy Hippopotamus
  • Family Tragulidae
    • Genus Hyemoschus Water Chevrotain
    • Genus Moschiola Spotted Chevrotain
    • Genus Tragulus Common Chevrotain
  • Family Moschidae Musk Deer
    • Genus Moschus Musk Deer
  • Family Cervidae Deer
    • Subfamily Capreolinae
      • Tribe Capreolini
        • Genus Hydropotes Chinese Water Deer
        • Genus Capreolus Roe Deer
      • Tribe Alceini
        • Genus Alces Moose
      • Tribe Odocoileini
        • Genus Rangifer Caribou
        • Genus Odocoileus Nearctic Deer
        • Genus Ozotoceros Pampas Deer
        • Genus Blastocerus Marsh Deer
        • Genus Mazama Brockets
        • Genus Hippocamelus Huemel
        • Genus Pudu Pudu
    • Subfamily Cervinae
      • Tribe Cervini
        • Genus Rusa Rusa Deer
        • Genus Dama Fallow Deer
        • Genus Axis Hog Deer
        • Genus Elaphurus Père David's Deer
        • Genus Cervus Typical Deer
      • Tribe Muntiacini
        • Genus Muntiacus Muntjacs
        • Genus Elaphodus Tufted Deer
  • Family Bovidae Hollow-horned Ungulates
    • Subfamily Bovinae
      • Tribe Bovini
        • Genus Bos Cattle and Bison
        • Genus Bubalus Asian Buffalo
        • Genus Syncerus African Buffalo
        • Genus Pseudoryx Saola
      • Tribe Boselaphini
        • Genus Boselaphus Nilgai
        • Genus Tetracerus Chowsingha
      • Tribe Tragelaphini
        • Genus Tragelaphus Bushbuck, Bongo, Nyala, Kudu, and Sitatunga
        • Genus Taurotragus Elands
    • Subfamily Antilopinae
      • Tribe Neotragini
        • Genus Neotragus Pygmy Antelopes
      • Tribe Aepycerotini
        • Genus Aepyceros Impala
      • Tribe Antilopini
        • Genus Raphicerus Steenbok and Grysbok
        • Genus Antidorcas Springbok
        • Genus Ammodorcas Dibatag
        • Genus Litocranius Gerenuk
        • Genus Saiga Saiga
        • Genus Antilope Blackbuck
        • Genus Nanger Saharan Gazelle
        • Genus Gazella Typical Gazelle
        • Genus Eudorcas Side-striped Gazelle
        • Genus Dorcatragus Beira
        • Genus Madoqua Dik-dik's
        • Genus Ourebia Oribi
        • Genus Procapra Chinese Gazelle
      • Tribe Reduncini
        • Genus Redunca Reedbucks
        • Genus Kobus Kobs, Lechwe, and Waterbucks
        • Genus Pelea Rhebok
      • Tribe Hippotragini
        • Genus Hippotragus Sable and Roan Antelopes
        • Genus Addax Addax
        • Genus Oryx Oryx
      • Tribe Alcelaphini
        • Genus Alcelaphus Hartebeest
        • Genus Connochaetes Wildebeest
        • Genus Damaliscus Topi and Bontebok
        • Genus Beatragus Hirola
      • Tribe Caprini
        • Genus Pantholops Chiru
        • Genus Budorcas Takin
        • Genus Ammotragus Barbary Sheep
        • Genus Arabitragus Arabian Tahr
        • Genus Hemitragus Himalayan Tahr
        • Genus Pseudois Blue Sheep
        • Genus Capra Goats and Ibexes
        • Genus Nilgiritragus Nilgiri Tahr
        • Genus Ovis Sheep
        • Genus Rupicapra Chamois
        • Genus Nemorhaedus Goral
        • Genus Oreamnos Rocky Mountain Goat
        • Genus Capricornis Serows
        • Genus Ovibos Muskox
      • Tribe Cephalophini
        • Genus Sylvicapra Bush Duiker
        • Genus Philantomba Blue Duikers
        • Genus Cephalophus Typical Duikers
      • Tribe Oreotragini
        • Genus Oreotragus Klipspringer
  • Family Antilocapridae Pronghorn
    • Genus Antilocapra Pronghorn
  • Family Giraffidae
    • Genus Giraffa Giraffe
    • Genus Okapia Okapi


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