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Imantodes is a genus of colubrid snakes commonly referred to as blunt-headed vine snakes or blunt-headed tree snakes. The genus consists of seven species that are native to Mexico, Central America, and the northern part of South America.



There are currently seven recognized species:

  • Imantodes cenchoa (Linnaeus, 1758) â€" Blunt-headed treesnake, blunthead treesnake, fiddle-string snake, culebra-cordelilla chata
  • Imantodes chocoensis Torres-Carvajal et al., 2012 â€" Chocoan blunt-headed vine snake
  • Imantodes gemmistratus (Cope, 1861) â€" Culebra-cordelilla centroamericana
  • Imantodes inornatus (Boulenger, 1896) - Plain tree snake, speckled blunt-headed tree snake, western tree snake, yellow blunt-headed tree snake, Bejuquillo.
  • Imantodes lentiferus (Cope, 1894)
  • Imantodes phantasma Myers, 1982 - Blunt-headed vine snake, phantasma tree snake
  • Imantodes tenuissimus Cope, 1867 â€" Culebra-cordelilla yucateca


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