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Episoriculus is a genus of shrew in the red-toothed shrew subfamily. They have been described to have a common name as the brown-toothed shrews. It has been described as a subgenus to Soriculus in the past. The genus is occurs at a number of locations in Asia, including Nepal and China.



Currently, the four identified species of the Episoriculus genus include:

  • Hodgsons's brown-toothed shrew (E. caudatus)
    • E. c. sacratus
    • E. c. umbrinus
  • Taiwanese brown-toothed shrew (E. fumidus)
  • Long-tailed brown-toothed shrew (E. leucops)
    • E. l. leucops
    • E. l. baileyi
  • Long-tailed mountain shrew (E. macrurus)



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