Minggu, 24 Mei 2015

Enhydrina, commonly known as the beaked sea snake, hook-nosed sea snake, common sea snake, is a genus of highly venomous sea snakes. Study of Enhydrina is important for the making of anti-venom. The only sea snake anti-venom available at this time is for snakes in Malaysia of the Species Enhydrina schistosa, often noted as E. schistosa.

  • Species:
  • Enhydrina schistosa common throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific. This species is implicated in more than 50% of all bites caused by sea snakes, as well as the majority of envenomings and fatalities. Also called the Valakadyn sea snake
  • Enhydrina zweifeli snakes are found from New Guinea to Australia (Northern Territory and Queensland). As called Sepik or Zweifel’s beaked seasnake.In the past they were thought to be Enhydrina schistosa, but after DNA testing are now provisionally identified as Enhydrina zweifeli. DNA test have shown they are not related to Enhydrina schistosa.
  • Both species are found in shallow open sea, river mouths, estuaries, coastal lagoons, and mangrove forests. Normally in water from 3.7-22.2 meters deep. Usually over soft bottoms like mud and sand. Some are found in freshwater lakes in Cambodia and India. As been found to travel up rivers. One was found 7 km upriver in Goa, India.



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