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Echiopsis is a genus of snake in the Elapidae family. It contains the following species:

  • Echiopsis curta


The genus Echiopsis contains one species: the Bardick (Echiopsis curta). The Lake Cronin Snake, Paroplocephalus atriceps, was also placed in this genus before being moved to the latter. The Bardick has a solid body color- either tan, reddish brown, brown, or grey. The head is visually distinct from the body. These snakes are rather stout, have pointed tails, and have elliptical pupils. The size of these snakes on average is around 40 cm., although specimens measuring around 70cm. have been recorded.


E. curta ranges from southern Western Australia through South Australia, and west to Victoria and New South Wales. It is listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN..


E. curtis inhabit semiarid grasslands and shrublands. They are usually found under rocks, debris, fallen vegetation, etc.

Food and Venom

The species is nocturnal. They prey upon a wide variety of rodents, lizards, amphibians, and sometimes birds and insects- an unusual variety for a small elapid. These snakes are venomous, and, like all elapids, inject their venom swiftly through fangs placed in the front of the jaw.


Little is known about either of these snakes' reproductive habits except that Bardicks are ovoviviparous, and that females give birth to anywhere from 3-14 young around August.

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