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Cyclotyphlops is a monotypic genus created for the blind snake species, C. deharvengi, found in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. No subspecies are currently recognized.


The specific name, deharvengi, is in honor of Louis Deharveng, who is a zoologist at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Paris.

Geographic range

C. deharvengi is known only from the type locality, which is "Malawa, between Maros and Bone-Watampon, Selatan Province, southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, at an elevation of about 500 m" (1,640 ft).

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Further readingan>

  • Bosch HAJ in den, Ineich I. 1994. The Typhlopidae of Sulawesi (Indonesia): A Review with Description of a new Genus and a New Species (Serpentes: Typhlopidae). Journal of Herpetology 28 (2): 206-217. (Cyclotyphlops, new genus; Cyclotyphlops deharvengi, new species).

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  • Cyclotyphlops deharvengi at the Reptile Database. Accessed 29 August 2007.

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