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Circus Vargas is an American circus based in California. It was built on the premise to bring an old time circus to everyone; currently it has been billed as one of the world's biggest traveling circuses still using a big top tent. Owned and operated by Tabares Entertainment, the circus currently produces a truck circus show throughout the western United States.


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In the mid-1960s Clifford E. Vargas founded Circus Vargas. Vargas was influenced to rejuvenate the Big top by his childhood fascination with circuses. He was a frequent spectator with those that visited his hometown of Livermore, California every year. Vargas began as the ticket seller, doorman and ringmaster.

After the death of Clifford Vargas in 1989, the show was left to Jack Bailey, longtime Vice President of the company and Joseph Muscarello, the show's general manager. Bailey sold his interest to concession manager Roland Kaiser. Kaiser and Muscarello, both longtime friends of Vargas and management executives with the show, began managing the circus. Through their tenure they dealt with obstacles including rising costs and declining attendance. Both men instrumental in transforming the circus into a more intimate one-ring 'European style' circus. They continued running the circus until they retired in 2003.

Circus Vargas then went on hiatus while looking for a buyer. Two years later the Tabares Family purchased and began running Circus Vargas.

Television and movie appearances

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Note: this list is not exhaustive.

  • Water for Elephants (2010)
  • MTV "True Life" (2008)
  • "La Feria de Los Ninos" (Univision)
  • "The Nick Cannon Show" (2002)
  • MTV "Dismissed" (2001)
  • "Primera Edicion" (Univision)
  • Kidsongs "A Day at the Circus" (1987)
  • Quantum Leap Leaping In Without a Net (1990)


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