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Atractus is a genus of colubrid ground snakes in the Dipsadinae subfamily. The genus includes more than 140 distinct species.

Geographic range

Snakes of the genus Atractus are endemic to Central and South America.


This snake's maxilla is short, with 8â€"12 teeth; the maxillary and mandibular teeth decrease in size posteriorly. The head is not distinct from the neck; the eyes are small, with round or subelliptic pupils, and the nostril is between two nasal scales; the preocular is usually absent, and the loreal and prefrontal scales enter the orbit. Its body is cylindrical; the dorsal scales are smooth, without pits, in 15 or 17 rows; the ventral scales are rounded. The tail can be either short or rather long; its subcaudals are paired.


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Further reading

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