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Amphicynodon is an extinct genus of mammal of the superfamily Ursoidea, endemic to Europe and Asia during the Oligocene, living from ~33.9â€"28.4 Mya, existing for approximately 5.5 million years.

Amphicynodon is a small basal member of Ursoidae similar to early Mustelids in both size and existence.


Amphicynodon was named by Filhol (1881). It was assigned to Phocoidea by McKenna and Bell (1997) then to Ursidae by Filhol (1881) and Hunt (1998); and to Ursoidea by Wang et al. (2005).

Fossil distribution


Sites and specimen ages:

  • Ulaan Khongil, Mongolia ~33.9â€"28.4 Mya.
  • Ronzon site, Auvergne France ~33.9â€"28.4 Mya.


  • Rose, Kenneth David, The beginning of the age of mammals,The Johns Hopkins University Press (September 26, 2006)

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