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An emperor (from the Latin "imperator") is a type of monarch.

Emperor may also refer to:


  • Emperor angelfish
  • Emperor bream
  • Emperor penguin
  • Emperor moths, moths of the subfamily Saturniinae, in particular the type genus Saturnia
  • Emperor scorpion
  • a number of brush-footed butterflies:
    • in the subfamily Apaturinae:
      • Emperors, the genus Apatura
      • American emperors, the genus Asterocampa
      • a few species in various sister genera of the above:
        • Golden emperor, Dilipa morgiana
        • Indian purple emperor, Mimathyma ambica
        • Sergeant emperor, Mimathyma chevana
        • Sordid emperor, two different species: Asterocampa idyja, native to North America, and Chitoria sordida, native to Southeast Asia
        • Tawny emperor, two different species: the Asterocampa clyton from North America and the Chitoria ulupi from East Asia
        • Tytler's emperor, Eulaceura manipuriensis
        • White emperor, Helcyra hemina
    • in the subfamily Charaxinae:
      • some of the butterflies in the genus Charaxes

Media and entertainment

  • Emperor (film), a 2012 historical drama film directed by Peter Webber
  • Emperor Entertainment Group
  • Emperor, a novel in the science fiction Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time series by William F. Wu
  • Emperor (novel series), a book series by Conn Iggulden
  • Emperor (Baxter novel), a novel by Stephen Baxter


  • Emperor (band), a Norwegian black metal band
    • Emperor (EP), an EP by Emperor
  • Emperor Concerto, Beethoven's fifth piano concerto
  • Opus 76 No. 3, a string quartet by Joseph Haydn
  • The Emperors, an American soul band


  • Emperor: Battle for Dune, a sci-fi computer game
  • Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, a city-builder computer game
  • Emperor of Mankind, a character in the Warhammer 40,000 universe


  • Emperor, two locomotives in the GWR Iron Duke Class
  • Emperor, a locomotive in the South Devon Railway Buffalo class
  • Emperor was one of the GWR 3031 Class locomotives that were built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915.

Other uses

  • Emperor (grape), an Australian wine grape
  • The Emperor, a tarot card
  • Palpatine, a villain from the Star Wars franchise

See also

  • The Emperor (disambiguation)
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