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The ember parrotfish, Scarus rubroviolaceus, is a species of parrotfish native to . It is also known as the bicolor parrotfish and the redlip parrotfish.


Ember parrotfish

The ember parrotfish is widespread and abundant. It has been found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with its range including Japan, eastern Africa, and the Hawaiian islands.


Ember parrotfish

The species is sexually dimorphic, with the males possessing a bright, greenish-blue color while the females are a duller brown.

Habitat and behavior

Ember parrotfish

Diet includes aquatic plants and benthic algea, which they scrape off rocks using their beak.

Importance to humans

Ember parrotfish

The ember parrotfish is commercially fished, and can be kept in saltwater aquariums.


Ember parrotfish

The genus name, Scarus, comes from the Greek word "skaros", meaning "parrotfish".


Ember parrotfish
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